Lifeguard Survey

Evaluation of the survey
Thank you for taking part in our survey! It consists of five questions, and it will approximately take two minutes. Your opinion and evaluation are very important to us: your data are anonymous, and your answers will be deleted after the survey is finished. Only the final result will be stored.

Question 1(Required)
If an app (e.g., Lifeguard) always shows up the right emergency number of the country (worldwide) you are located in, how important do you think this would be for your guests, when they are at a bathing location?

Question 2(Required)
It only takes maximum three minutes before unconsciously drowning. Having the number of the local lifeguard on duty on your phone (e.g., on the Lifeguard App) would let you save critical seconds while calling for help. Do you agree with this statement?

Question 3(Required)
Imagine the extreme situation of drowning in the water, in which you need urgent help. With which of this rescue equipment would you feel safer?

Question 4(Required)
Next to standard weather apps, the Lifeguard App could show the local water temperature and the local beach flag status.
Do you think this would help increase the safety for your guests?

Which country is your bathing location in?